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Use cases

Healthcare and Personal Assistance

Streamline field service operations for healthcare providers and personal assistance services, ensuring efficient and timely visits. Optimize schedules for home visits, ensuring comprehensive and compassionate care.

Home Appliances Delivery, Installation, and Maintenance

Enhance the delivery, installation, and maintenance processes for home appliances, providing a seamless and reliable service experience.

Professional Cleaning Services and Office Maintenance

Optimize scheduling for cleaning services, including tasks like entry carpet changes and office plant care, ensuring a pristine environment with minimal disruption.

Comprehensive Service and Inspection for Properties

Facilitate service and inspection activities for landlords overseeing both private residences and office buildings, maintaining property functionality and safety.

Event Management and Catering Services

Coordinate logistics for event management and catering services, optimizing routes for equipment delivery, setup, and breakdown.

Waste Management and Environmental Services

Optimize routes for waste collection and environmental services, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing operational costs.

Field Sales and Marketing Teams

Optimize routes for sales representatives and marketing teams, ensuring efficient customer visits and promotional activities.

Facility Management for Shopping Centers

Coordinate field services for shopping centers, addressing maintenance, security, and tenant-related tasks to enhance the overall customer experience.


Time Savings

Streamline scheduling processes for increased efficiency, ensuring timely service delivery that aligns with customer expectations.

Cost Efficiency

Optimize routes to save on fuel and operational expenses, contributing to cost-effective operations that can be reflected in competitive pricing for your services.

Increased Productivity

Enhance overall workforce performance with smart scheduling, translating to improved service quality and responsiveness that resonates positively with your customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Elevate customer satisfaction by providing reliable and efficient field service experiences. Your optimized scheduling ensures prompt arrivals, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall customer service journey.

Environmental Impact

Minimize your ecological footprint with optimized route planning, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Contribute to sustainable practices in field service management, aligning your business with environmental responsibility.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction by streamlining scheduling processes, reducing the need for manual planning and human factor. Your employees will appreciate the increased efficiency and reduced stress of optimized scheduling, contributing to a positive work environment.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage data-driven insights to improve your business operations. Optimize your scheduling processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and use the data to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Improved Safety

Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by optimizing routes to reduce travel time and fuel consumption. Your employees will appreciate the increased efficiency and reduced stress of optimized scheduling, contributing to a positive work environment.

Platform you can trust

Flexible SaaS Model, Pay as You Go

Experience the convenience of our flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) model, allowing you to pay as you go. Tailor your subscription to match your needs and scale effortlessly

Seamless System Integration with APIs

Integrate treQster seamlessly with your existing systems through robust APIs. Unlock the full potential of your workflow by connecting our solution with your preferred tools and databases.

Easy onboarding

Start using treQster in minutes. No need for lengthy training or complex setup. Our web-applications, both for planners and your mobile workforce, are intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to get started right away.

European-Built and Hosted in EU

Trust in a solution crafted and hosted in Europe. Benefit from a platform designed to meet European standards, ensuring data security and compliance with regional regulations.

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